On Questions Versus Answers (& SLEEP)

Some Mondays aren't so hard. Today was one such Monday: I scored free tickets to see James Carville, Anderson Cooper, Tucker Carlson and Arianna Huffington talk live at Radio City Music Hall.

The focus of the discussion was on the Presidential Election and on predictions for the Pennsylvania primary. That being said, two general comments are worth mentioning.

1. One of the pundits (and I believe it was James Carville), said, "There are no bad questions, only bad answers."

The point being, you can complain all you want if you get asked a bad question--but it's up to you to spin it, and how you spin it says a great deal about who you are and demonstrates your ability to articulate for yourself.

2. Arianna Huffington talked about the effects that sleep deprivation has on candidates, and the human body in general. I've read that too little sleep for consecutive nights can have the same effect as being drunk (or worse) in terms of one's reaction abilities. This is particularly true among drivers who haven't slept in two days.

can remember feeling this tired myself and hope to never have to repeat the experience.

Two points to think about with respect to the job search. I'd try to draw more parallels but I'm weary of providing you with a bad answer due to sleep deprivation...

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