Avoiding Summer Stagnation

Suddenly, summer's arrived with a vengeance: the U.S. unemployment rate has risen yet again, gas prices are at an all-time high, and many states are encouraging you not to eat summer's best tomatoes for fear of Salmonella. (In the words of Guy Clark, "What would life be without home grown tomatoes?)

With all of this dire news, I'm hearing from several potential job seekers that it's hard to motivate. Common party lines include "it's easier to stay where I am, even if I'm unhappy," "my vacation's already planned," and "who's hiring anyway?"

I challenge you to consider applying now. For many sectors, it is actually the ideal time to be looking for a new job. Here's why: Many organizations, especially non-profits and educational institutions run on a July 1- June 30 fiscal year cycle. For these organizations, summer can be a time of hiring booms, particularly as new hires are often approved for a new fiscal year and employees depart for new positions.

In case you need a jump start, here are three strategies to help you get going--even while you're on a vacation:

  1. Be a passive job seeker: Find out what's available by establishing job search alerts on career sites such as Indeed, Monster, and Simply Hired to alert you of openings in your areas of interest.

  2. Keep a record of what's available--and a running tab on positions you've applied to--through Jibber Jobber.

  3. Find a friend to hold you to your word: Enlist the help of a friend, mentor, or trusted career advisor to be your "accountability partner" and to help you benchmark your progress against your goals. Having someone to check-in with on your status can help you "get it done."

Many happy returns!

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