When It's Best to Tweet

Several weeks ago, I wrote a piece on "when not to tweet" using the social networking site, Twitter.

Today, I am pleased to share a link on how Twitter can be useful to you with respect to your career. This article was written by my friend Deb Dib (aka "The CEO Coach"):


I've pulled five nuggets of wisdom from Deb's tips for exploring the "Twitterverse":

#1: Provide useful information at about a 4 to 1 ratio--share a link or timely fact at least every 4th post.

#4: Use TinyURL or Snurl to shorten long links and keep more of your 140 characters free for your words.

#5: Be giving, not "salesy"--keep posts conversational and be a human; don't hound your followers.

#7: Consider having separate business and personal Twitter accounts if you want to keep your personal life personal.

#12: Follow experts of interest to you and comment on their tweets where appropriate even if they are high-profile leaders you don't know personally.

I highly recommend reading the full article, and would love to hear your thoughts!

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